Books and Tapes on the Brain, Mind and Memory


Memory, Thinking and Language Topics in Cognitive Psychology Judith Greene 2006
(Taylor & Francis Ltd Routledge) £12.99 Get Your Copy Now

Memory, Thinking and Language Topics in Cognitive Psychology (Arabic version) Judith Greene, Ahmed Al-Hamdi (Ahmed Al-Hamdi) £12.00 Get Your Copy Now

Learning & Memory – The Brain in Action Marilee Sprenger – (ASCD) $21.95

The Brain – Compatible Classroom: Using what we know about learning to improve
 Laura Erlauer (ASCD) $23.95

Teaching with the Brain in Mind, 2nd Edition, Eric Jenson (ASCD) $27.95

Brain Matters: Translating Research into Classroom Practice Patricia Wolfe (ASCD) $25.95

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Frames of Mind – the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner
Teaching and Learning through Multiple Intelligences – Campbell et al
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom – Thomas Armstrong

Cost of the 3 books $80.00
Pastage and packing $25.00
Total $105.00

Sale Price $90.00

Videos and tapes

Teaching the Adolescent Brain – 4 VHS Tapes or 1 DVD w/ Facilitator’s Guide (ASCD) $539
Tape 1 – Almost Adults
Tape 2 – The Engaged Teens
Tape 3 – The Reflective Teens
Tape 4 – Know Your Brain … Know Yourself

The Brain and Learning – Four instructional videos (ASCD) $590
Leading neuroscientists and education experts explain new understandings about the human brain, such as memory systems, brain plasticity, and the role of emotion in learnng. Teachers share valuable tips for the classroom.

How to Engage Students in Critical Thinking (ASCD) $95
Real classroom examples and interviews with teachers provide lots of helpful ideas for teachers.

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