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Definition of Multiple Intelligences

Frames of Mind – the theory of multiple intelligences – Howard Gardner – second edition 1993 (Fontana Press) £9.99

Becoming a Multiple Intelligence School – Thomas R Hoerr – (ASCD 2000) £15.39 (UK cheques) A Headmaster tells you how he implemented MI in his US school. Useful tables and grids.

Intelligence – multiple perspective – Howard Gardner, Mindy L. Kornhaber, Warren K. Wake 1996 Harcourt Brace (College Publishers) £33.99

Intelligence Reframed – multiple intelligence for the 21st Century – Howard Gardner 1999 (Basic Books) £12.99

Extraordinary Minds – Howard Gardner 1997 (Phoenix) £6.99
Leading Minds – an anatomy of leadership – study portraits of great leaders – Howard Gardner 1995 (Harper Collins) £9.99

The Intelligent School – Barbara MacGilchrist, Kate Myers and Jane Reed 2004 (Sage) £19.99

Multi Intelligences – the theory in practice – Howard Gardner 1993 (Basic Books) £16.50 Understand the theory so you can put it into practice.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 2nd Edition – Thomas Armstrong 2004 (ASCD) £21.99 Practical examples for the classroom
Multiple Intelligences & Student Achievement – success stories from six schools – Linda & Bruce Campbell 1999 (ASCD) £7.00 See how other schools have raised their test results

The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing – making the words come alive – Thomas Armstrong 2003 (ASCD) £19.99 How to teach reading and writing through MI
Multiple Intelligences – New Horizons in Theory and Practice

– Howard Gardner (Basic Books) £11.99

Teaching and Learning through Multiple Intelligences – Third Edition – – by Linda Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Dee Dickinson – (Pearson Higher Education)


MI Videos


The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing
Making the Words Come Alive:
Books-in-Action Video (ASCD 2003)

This special ASCD Books-in-Action video makes is easier & more effective for you & your colleagues to explore the important role that multiple intelligences play in the teaching & learning of reading & writing.

Drawing from the book The Multiple Intelligences of Reading & Writing: Making the Words come Alive by Thomas Armstrong(available from for £ 19.50/$ 34.00 + P&P), this video shows teachers using activities to help students develop literacy skills through their bodily kinaesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal, & naturalistic intelligences. Interviews with Thomas Armstrong & other educators expand on key concepts from the book and additional classroom tips. Use the video with multiple copies of the book to bring home the point that multiple ntelligences gives you a way to build the literacy skills of all students—especially those who are the most frustrated.

One 15-minute videotape


Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School
Books-in-Action Video (ASCD 2000)

 This ASCD Books-in-Action video features Educational Consultant, Thomas R. Hoerr.

Visit an innovative school where multiple intelligences theory guides curriculum, instruction, assessment, the parent-teacher relationship, and teacher collaboration. Thomas R. Hoerr, author & school director, takes you to classrooms & faculty meetings where teachers use multiple intelligences perspectives to plan lessons & improve student achievement.

One 15-minute videotape