Multiple Intelligences and Lesson Planning


Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences into your lessons?
This booklet saves you time instead of you having to work it out for yourself.

The basic template at the beginning of the booklet solves the problem of
how to use Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory in the classroom.

Have you ever wished that someone would give you some ideas as to
how to plan lessons which will help children with different learning styles and
different strengths in their multiple intelligences to access the curriculum easily.


This booklet gives examples of lessons for different ages and different subjects,
which you can transfer to the lesson plan template, to match the needs of the classes you are taking.


Have you ever asked yourself
why do innovative teachers plan their lessons the MI way?
The answer is: 

because it gives every child a chance to learn in a variety of ways:
developing their strongest intelligences and improving their weaker ones.

Younger Years

Middle Years

Senior Years

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These have be tried and tested enthusiastically by over three hundred teachers.

Make sure your teachers have a copy,
then use the booklet to discuss how best to plan lessons for the students in your school using MI techniques.
A helpful resource for professional development and upgrading your teaching skills.


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    What is inside these booklets?

    How to plan lessons from your own syllabus, step by step;

    A detailed lesson plan template which you can use for a series of lessons;

    Example lessons for different age groups and subjects;

    Each subject specific example gives you:

    …..the aim of the activity;
    …..the learning objectives, linked to different intelligences;
    …..the context of the lesson;
    he task/activity to be completed;
    … assessment task.

    Example lessons for different age groups and subjects
    Lesson Plan Template
    Early Years
     – the letter ‘C’
    Language teaching
     – How to teach positional vocabulary using different intelligences.
    Mathematics – How to improve students’ mental recall through ‘multiple intelligences’ games.
    Science – How to learn about the properties of living and non-living things through MI activities.
    Geography / personal and social education – Learning how to give directions in MI ways.
    Design and technology / Civics – How to use MI when designing a new building or bridge.
    Example rubric
     – for assessing group work the MI way
    Mathematics – learning maths through real life situations – authenic learning
    Sports – How to use all students’ multiple intelligences when teaching a sport.
    Environmental education – How to consider environmental issues using all the intelligences.
    English literature – Revise for an examination in two different ways, using all the intelligences.
    Social sciences/geography – How to compare the geography and culture of places the MI way.
    Social sciences/history – How to compare historical periods using students’ multiple intelligences.
    Business studies and economics – How to promote a new product or initiative using students’ multiple intelligences.
    Step-by- step – How to plan lessons from your syllabus.

    These photos were taken during workshops in India run by Margaret
    on implementing Multiple Intelligences theory into the classroom learning situation.

    They show the teachers planning lessons and carrying out practical activities.

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