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BM Assessment and Tracking Software "Probably the most powerful tools ever to analyse achievement across all areas of the curriculum."

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Tracking - Assessment Software

Click here
to find out how to order

‘‘Probably the most powerful tools ever to analyse achievement across all areas of the curriculum.’

Track where students' strengths and weaknesses lie and discover their particular and multiple intelligences.

'We are looking for host schools willing to help us to launch the data programs in your area.  The presentations only take about 20 minutes including presentation and questions and can be easily done in a twilight session.  The incentive to becoming a host school is that they have a free subscription to both programs and discounts on any other MGA services.  As a consultant you receive the 10% commission on any subsequent sales.’

  • Simple and easy to use with no training needed.
  • Ownership of the program is with all staff and pupils and not with any one individual.
  • Web-based and used in the classroom as part of the lesson.
  • All data analysis completed by the program in easy to read graphs saving hours of management time.
  • An invaluable tool to identify underachievement and strengths and weaknesses in teaching and the curriculum.
  • Reporting in all subjects.
  • Accessible for parents (optional).

The programs have been taken on by the Isle of Man government for all their schools and are being effectively used in over one hundred schools in the UK and overseas.

The Retail Costs of the Products  
BM Assessments  
Primary/Special: £150 per annum for all subjects.
Secondary: £150 per annum per individual subject.
£1000 per annum for all subjects.

 Approaches to Learning (AtL)
 Primary/Special £150 per annum (individual or all subjects)
Secondary £150 per annum individual subjects
£400 per annum (all subjects)

 Combined ATL and BM Assessments
 Primary/Special £250 per annum
Secondary £250 per annum for individual subjects
£1200 for all subjects






A step-by-step guide to using assessment results to improve teaching and learning

edited by
Kathryn Parker Boudett
, Elizabeth A. City and Richard J. Murnane
Pub. Harvard Education Press


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