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MAW Education - Inspection, Training and Consultancy
Margaret Anne Warner Dip. S.M.S., A.C.P., M.A., F.Coll.T
Accredited Mentor

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with Elite Radio New York

Margaret Warner was a Headteacher for ten years. an Ofsted Inspector in the UK for ten years, and has worked as an International Consultant for ten years.

MAW Education was set up in 1996 - http://www.maweducation.co.uk. Since then Margaret Warner has led inspections of schools and delivering Performance Management training in the UK, and trained teacher internationally in Qatar and India. On-site consultancy is supported by virtual/internet consultancy. This multiple intelligences website was set up in 2004 as a result of carrying out research and finding that many teachers were looking for information about Multiple Intelligences on the Internet. It is hoped that it will answer some of their questions and provide further information about education in its widest sense. Providing for the talents of pupils so that they can take a full part in life wherever they live, has long been the aim of MAW Education.


Awarded the Class of 'Fellow of the College of Teachers' (UK) - 2008
Diploma of Fellowship of the American Biographical Institute - 2007

Most Recent Award

Honored among The IWLA's Elite Women Worldwide -
The International Women's Leadership Association 2016
Other Awards


Consultancy & Training: International. 2009 Margaret Warner worked in the United Arab Emirates, Inspecting schools in Dubai. In 2006, she visited another Gulf country, Qatar, as part of a team from the UK, training teachers for the new Government Independent Schools. From 2006 to 2009 Margaret Warner has visited India seven times, working with The Achievers' Programme and leading workshops for teachers on multiple intelligences in Independent Schools across the country. In 2008 Margaret Warner made a short visit to Feras Abbes Universtiy in Setif, Algeria to contribute towards the fourth year students' training to be teachers. UK 2000-2006 Margaret Warner was one of the trainers of Headteachers at the initial conference in London, introducing Performance Management to UK schools in 2000. Since then, she has also run in-service days for London and Qatari schools planning to set up their own Performance Management systems. She mentored trainee inspectors during UK inspections. 2006/2007 Present role - Assessor of Higher Level Teaching Assistants in state schools in England. Coaching: UK by telephone and Internationally via Skype.

Inspections - UK: Margaret Warner has taken part in one hundred and ninety inspections of a wide range of primary (aged 3 -11), middle (aged 7-12), secondary (aged 11-16) and special schools, schools with special units and a pupil referral unit (PRU aged 15-16). She has led and written up reports for over eighty primary school inspections as the Registered Inspector, in inner city, rural, very large and very small, high and low achieving schools across England. In secondary schools she has been responsible for inspecting the religious education departments in thirty-three secondary schools and has supported the Registered Inspector with pre- and post-inspection writing. She has inspected specific aspects of secondary schools such as 'provision for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils', 'the quality of teaching' and 'the school's partnership with parents and the community'. She is also qualified to inspect Citizenship in secondary schools. She has experience of inspecting main stream schools with special units, special schools and pupil referral units (PRU).

Management experience: Margaret Warner was headteacher/principal of a Church of England primary (3-11 years) school for ten years in London's developing Docklands area. (1979-1989) The school had a nursery class, and she set up a pre-school playgroup which parents could attend with their children as young as 18 months. Land adjoining the school was bought and a nature park designed and developed which was opened by the naturalist David Bellamy. The school is in an area surrounded by water - the disused docks and the River Thames – so an attractive detached brick building, housing a learners’ swimming pool was also built. Before leaving, she began to introduce the National Curriculum to the school. Three of her teachers were promoted to headships whilst she was at the school. Margaret Warner returned to college in 1990 to study for an MA in Education. She then became head of departments in a girls' high school and in a large comprehensive school. Following that she set up the religious education department in a new secondary special school.  From 1994 to 2005 she inspected schools across England, leading primary teams for eight of those years. This involved planning inspections, managing teams and writing up inspection reports.


Paperback Book
'Changing Education' 2012 published by Good Luck Publishers, India

Teacher Template Booklets 2012
Multiple Intelligences and Assessment
Multiple Intelligences and Lesson Planning

Articles 2008
'Developing Multiple Intelligences': Education World, India. February 2008
'Bringing Multiple Intelligences into the Classroom': Teacher Plus, India. March 2008

E-Book 2005
'Introducing Multiple Intelligences' (http://www.discover-multiple-intelligences.com) brings
together previous articles, such as the history of research into Multiple Intelligences, different authors' understanding of MI and reading and writing through Multiple Intelligences.

Articles 2005
- ‘An introduction to five publications which include excellent activities for classroom use, on Multiple Intelligences and activities which introduce students to their amazing brains; A pen picture of a famous educationalist - Froebel; Spelling, handwriting and word-processing skills - of particular interest to teachers of young children.’
- ‘The history and development of MI theory - an overview of how and why Dr. Harold Gardner's original project began; (now included in the introductory newsletter) A pen picture of a famous educationalist - Montessori; Teaching spelling and handwriting - as promoted by Charles Cripps.
- ‘ Multiple-Intelligences and the teaching of reading and writing - a critique and comments on Thomas Armstong's book The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing - Making the Words Come Alive.

Reports 1996 - 2005
Seventy-eight full length Inspection Reports and three short Inspection Reports.

Chapters published in books edited by Ron Best of the Roehampton Institute, Surrey University.
'Reflections on Inspections' in 'Education for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development' - Ed. R. Best - Continuum 2000. The chapter in this book is based on her experience of inspecting provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in schools across the country, in different social and cultural contexts.
'Headteachers' perceptions of their role in spiritual education' - in 'Education Spirituality and the Whole Child' Ed. R. Best - Cassell l996 The chapter in this book is based on the research for her Master Degree dissertation into ‘The Head’s role in providing for the spiritual life of young people’.



On leaving school my headmistress wrote: “ - it was obvious even at school that she possessed the right qualities to become a good teacher of young children.” D. Conrady (Head Mistress) St Mary’s Hall. Brighton 1964 (I actually went on to teach all age groups from 5 to 16 years and also supervised college students.)

The Headmaster in my first teaching post wrote: “ … she showed from the beginning a knowledge and understanding of modern educational methods which was well above the average. In my opinion she is a dedicated teacher, conscious of the needs of children and highly skilled in teaching technique.” H. Stevenson, (Headmaster) formally Headmaster Hague Primary School, London 1967

A colleague wrote: “… she impressed me as a most able, insightful and enthusiastic teacher and a loyal colleague. .... Her enthusiasm was infectious and new approaches to teaching as well as out-of-school activities increased during her time in school as a direct result of her involvement.” Jill Bavin, Witton le Wear. 1977

The Headmistress in my second post wrote: “She is an excellent teacher and a woman of high principles and complete integrity. She is a loyal and pleasant colleague, always ready to help and share and to take an active part in any school activity.” M. A. Anderson M.B.E (Headteacher) Manorfield Primary School, London 1970/77

As a deputy headteacher my Headmaster wrote: “She is an enthusiast in education, an able and sympathetic teacher and a capable organiser. She has attained numerous lecture courses, and has kept up her own studies in order to be abreast of modern educational thought.” G. W. Simpson (Headteacher) Northborne C.E. School. 1976

Headteacher (Principal) for ten years and school Inspector for ten years.
International Educational Consultant

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Previous educational experiences and expertise

Teaching: Margaret Warner has taught in London and Oxfordshire, England, and as an exchange teacher in two schools in Sydney, Australia. She has travelled extensively, sometimes visiting schools where she visits, for example in New Guinea.

Tutor: Margaret Warner has experience as a Teaching Practice Supervisor of students and as Tutor on an induction course for European teachers, coming to teach in England.

Research: In addition to the research carried out

for her MA degree, Margaret Warner has carried
out Action Research on the teaching of spelling, handwriting and word processing skills in infant schools. This followed attending a summer school with the Cambridge Institute.

Committees: She was Chairman of the London Diocesan Head Teachers' Council Consultative and a Primary Heads' Representative on the Inner London Education Authority Headteachers' Consultative committee. Treasurer of the Institute of Registered Inspectors of Schools 2002 - 2005. Council for Education in the Commonwealth - Secretary of the Programmes, Projects and Communications Committee.


Teacher's Certificate: Mathematics Froebel Education Institute

Diploma: English as a Second Language (ACP) College of Preceptors

Diploma: School Management Studies (Dip. SMS) College of Preceptors

Master's Degree: Educational Studies (MA) University of Surrey at Roehampton



Accredited Mentor Roehampton Institute, London

OFSTED Inspector DfES

Performance Management Consultant DfES / NPQH / Consortium 2000


Examples of relevant courses/training attended


Senior Management Negotiating Skills - Roehampton Institute, London

Many courses to update inspecting skills (1994-2004) - Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)

International Consultancy - National Association of Education Inspectors and Consultants (NAEIAC)


Business Enterprise Programme/small business management - Oxford College ( UK)

Highway to Information Technology - Scheidegger GNVQ advanced - theory only (Distance Learning)

Internet ‘Advanced Mentoring Course’ - Internet Marketing Center (USA)


MAW Education - Main Website


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